See the Philosophy of Comex Pro Painting in Aurora, CO

We are a family owned business that caters to the needs of our customers. We understand that the process of painting your home may be a little stressful due to the amount of combinations you may have, sticking with that combination for the next couple of years, and, of course, family opinions. But once you get it, you will be satisfied with your decision.

We understand that we’re all human, and we all deserve to voice our opinions in any way, which is why we let you decide how the process will happen and what kind of design you want to implement in the process of painting your home.

Do you want to use a variety of colors for your home? Do you want the front beams another color besides the body color? Got it! Do you want to paint the gutters the accent color and the trim under it trim color? You got it! Painting your house is not just about having a new color, but it’s also about having a new image in your neighborhood and standing out.

We can’t tell you what colors to choose, but we can make recommendations of previous homes that we painted that can similarly resemble yours. We recognize that we’re just not working but having an impact on somebody else’s home.

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14467 E 1st Dr, A-10, Aurora, CO 80011

(720) 576-4898